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Sawgrass Wines

Griffin is the co-founder of Sawgrass Wines, a wine that was developed when NYC local restauranteurs saw a need for a fine, boutique wine. The group came together to develop a Cabernet that can be enjoyed with a fine steak dinner at your favorite steakhouse or with light tapas at your local wine bar. The name Sawgrass was formed when one of the founders was at a wedding venue in Florida, named Sawgrass. He found the name to be elegant, yet chic, like the wine. Sawgrass is a 2015 full body Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Livermore Valley, California. When tasting Sawgrass at first you will find it has fruity notes, yet has a crisp, oaky finish.


Griffin is proud to be a part of ShipChain, a transport and logistics platform built on blockchain technology.  The company’s goal is to make transport and logistics more effective, secure, and transparent.  Griffin works with the company to spread the message and reach.  He is actively seeking out potential partnership opportunities that will create a win-win scenario for all of those involved.  You can learn more about ShipChain by following them on social media, by visiting their website at, or visiting their blog at

KBSM Capital

Griffin co-founded the company KBSM Capital, which focuses on product development and introducing products to new markets.  Griffin teamed up with a product development expert, a lawyer, and a CPA to bring this idea to life.  The company focuses on products that are past the development stage and are ready for mass distribution.  The KBSM Capital team helps product developers with pricing strategies, distribution networks, marketing strategies, and partnership opportunities.

Corporate Flight Attendant

Griffin’s passion is to fly all over the world.  Whether you are taking a quick flight to a nearby city or ready for a month-long multi-continental trip, Griffin is ready to show you what luxury travel in the sky really can be.  Private jet aviation is and always will have a secure place in Griffin’s heart.

Travel Pro

Griffin teamed up with Travel Pro to spread the word of the aviation industry’s favorite travel bag brand.

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