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Level 8 Private Dining

Griffin has “partnered” with Level 8 Private Dining to bring his expertise to their concept of bringing Michelin Star Private Dining to the skies.

Sawgrass Wines

Griffin is the co-founder of Sawgrass Wines, a wine that was developed when NYC local restauranteurs saw a need for a fine, boutique wine. The group came together to develop a Cabernet that can be enjoyed with a fine steak dinner at your favorite steakhouse or with light tapas at your local wine bar. The name Sawgrass was formed when one of the founders was at a wedding venue in Florida, named Sawgrass. He found the name to be elegant, yet chic, like the wine. Sawgrass is a 2015 full body Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Livermore Valley, California. When tasting Sawgrass at first you will find it has fruity notes, yet has a crisp, oaky finish.

Corporate Flight Attendant

Griffin’s passion is to fly all over the world.  Whether you are taking a quick flight to a nearby city or ready for a month-long multi-continental trip, Griffin is ready to show you what luxury travel in the sky really can be.  Private jet aviation is and always will have a secure place in Griffin’s heart.

Travel Pro

Griffin teamed up with Travel Pro to spread the word of the aviation industry’s favorite travel bag brand.

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